Yap State Resolution No. 8-29

Yap State Resolution No. 8-29 (PDF File)

Quoted from Yap State News Brief (March 8, 2012)

Resolution 8-29, which was adopted on January 26, 2012, was Legislature’s response to a January 19th meeting between the Government of the State of Yap and ETG in which the State Leadership “learned of an investment proposal offered by ETG…in the form of an investment agreement to be signed by the Governor of the State of Yap.”

The resolution further expressed the Legislature’s concern over the “magnitude” of the investment proposal which would potentially involve “millions of dollars and conceivably requiring vast areas of land throughout the State and would directly affect the lives and welfare of the people of Yap.”

To this end, the Legislature has “respectfully requested (the Governor) to defer signing an investment agreement proposed by the ETG until such time when the people of the State of Yap have been fully informed about the proposal…”

Yap State Resolution No. 8-31

Yap State Resolution No.8-31 (PDF File)

Quoted from Yap State News Brie (April 20, 2012)

The 8th Yap State Legislature recently adopted Resolution 8-31, which states:

“Respectfully requesting the Exhibition Travel Group (ETG) to refrain from engaging in any further action in the State of Yap in connection with its plans to invest in the State until the Legislature has authorized that ETG may engage in further action in the State in connection with their investment plans to insure that such plans will be in the best interest and welfare of the people of the State of Yap.”

The Resolution was offered by Senators Henry Falan, Jesse Raglmar-SUBOLMAR, John E. Mooteb, Clement Mulalap, and Sabino S. Sauchomal and was adopted on April 19, 2012.

(Resource: Yap State News Brief, April 20, 2012)

Yap State Resolution No. 8-53

Yap State Resolution No. 8-53 (PDF File)

Quoted from Yap State News Brief (September 20, 2012)

Resolution No. 8-83:   A RESOLUTION, Respectfully calling on the Governor to submit a written notice to Exhibition Travel Group (ETG) to void the Investment Agreement between the State and ETG and to disapprove any and all master plans from ETG for investment in Yap State.   [Adopted [5 in favor; 4 abstained; 1 excused]]

Before voting on Resolution No. 8-83, Senator Chieng questioned whether such move of adopting the resolution is in the interest of the majority of the people of Yap. He stated that though there have been petitions filed, he felt that the number of signatories does not  necessarily point to what the majority of the citizens of Yap actually want.

Senator Mooteb explained that in introducing the resolution, he felt it is the best way to move forward given the current situation. Senator Mulalap further explained that in order to find out what the majority wants is to have a referendum and that it may be too late and too time-consuming and expensive if a referendum is to be held.

Senator Mulalap continued and explained why he co-sponsored the measure to which he said that by adopting the resolution and having Governor follow through, would be the ideal situation given the extreme actions the group dubbed the “Concerned Citizens Against ETG” are planning to do if the Governor does not stop or void the Investment Agreement with ETG. He also spoke about peace to which it would be kept if such a request is met by the Governor. He stated that to recall the Governor would not be good for the both the state and the nation.

(Resource: Yap State News Brief, September 20, 2012)

*Website Manager’s Note: In the News Brief’s report (September 20, 2012), Resolution No. 8-83 should be No. 8-53.

Yap State Resolution No. 8-75

Yap State Resolution No. 8-75 (PDF Fie)

On May 2, 2013, Yap State Legislature has adopted Resolution No. 8-75, which instructs the Yap State Foreign Investment Board pursuant to 8 YSC 304 (c) to cancel Yap State Foreign Investment Permit issued to ETG’. The Resolution is attached.


Clink here for Speaker Falan’s communications with Governor Anefal.

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