Say NO to Massive Tourism Investment! Say NO to Land-grabs!



A Chinese company, Exhibition & Travel Group (ETG), is proposing to carry out a massive tourism investment in Yap, a Pacific island of 38 square miles. ETG’s investment project reportedly includes thousand-unit resorts, golf courses and casinos. In addition to the impending environmental impacts, ETG’s project requires leasing of land for more than 99 years, with an automatic renewal for another hundred years when the initial lease expires– all this means severing the people from their means of subsistence and cultural continuation. Regardless of the populace’s strong suspicion and voiced disagreement over this project, Yap State Government still continues cooperating with ETG. 


We, the citizens of Yap, strongly propose: SAY NO to ETG! VOID the ETG-Yap State Cooperative Investment Agreement and ETG’s Foreign Investment Permit in Yap! Support sustainable development but NOT massive tourism or land-grabbing investment!


Please join us online. Sign the Petition at: http://www.avaaz.org/en/petition/Say_NO_to_Massive_Tourism_Investment_Say_NO_to_Landgrabs/?cBsGueb


To facilitate your understanding of the complicated issues concerning ETG’s investment in Yap, here are some useful links:

Hope those information could help you to understand the current situation in Yap.



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