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Concerned Citizen group, consisting of Yap State citizens from all municipalities including neighboring islands, has come into being after August 11, 2012, the day when Governor Sebastian L. Anefal signed the Cooperative Investment Agreement with ETG (Exhibition & Travel Group, China). Worrying about the massive scale of the potential investment proposed by ETG, its possible adverse impacts on our culture and environment as well as its lengthy duration (99 years), the ill-preparation for local land owners to negotiate with foreign investors in terms of land-leasing, the lack of transparency in our government’s decision-making process, we organize together to request the Government to refrain from ETG’s investment.

Concerned Citizens group has met extensively with leaders of Yap State, including Hon. Governor Sebastian L. Anefal, Hon. Speaker Falan, members of Council of Pilung, members of the 8th Yap State Legislature. The group has met regularly amongst its member to keep all participants informed.

In December 2012, Concerned Citizens group has composed a sincere advice, Fal’ngin ngea Yalean Tafeadaed for all Yapese land owners. The file is downloadable in three versions: English, Thin ni Waab (old orthography), Thin ni Waab (new orthography). In the document, Concerned Citizens group has clearly explained who are are, what our proposition is in terms of development and tourism, what is the foreseeable economic future for Yap in 2023. No matter what stance you might take concerning ETG’s investment in Yap, we highly recommend you to read the document.

*We deeply appreciate Nature’s Way for uploading those files.

Updated with Concerned Citizens

  • On August 23, 2012, Concerned Citizens group met wit members in 8th Yap State Legislature to conveyed their worries about ETG’s investment in Yap. [Video Link]
  • On September 13, 2012, Concerned Citizens group met with Governor Anefal, the representative of Council of Pilung, and members in the 8th Yap State Legislature. During the meeting, Concerned Citizens group restated their concerns regarding ETG’s investment in Yap. The group has sent an ultimatum to Governor Anefal, required Governor Anefal to void the Investment Agreement. [Summary and Audio Link: Part 1, Part 2] [Video Link]
  • On October 12, 2012, Concerned Citizens group met with Speaker Isaac Figir and Senator Joseph Urusemal, the delegates of Yap State in FSM National Congress. Concerned Citizens group conveyed their worries and requests to Speaker Figir and Senator Urusemal.

*Respecting Speaker Figir and Senator Urusemal’s special request, the audio and video recordings of the meeting are unavailable on internet. Please consult with those who had attended the meeting for the details.

*We sincerely thank Natural’s Way for uploading the file.

Contact Us

Concerned Citizens Group

P.O.Box 802, Colonia Yap, FM 96943

Federated States of Micronesia


Email: yapstatecitizens@gmail.com

(Phone) 691-952-5466, 691-950-2411

*We need your assistance. Any help or donation is wholeheartedly appreciated.

Please email us


4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Is it possible to get updates from you guys on developments in your story? My email address is attached. Perhaps there is a way to be emailed updates?
    Thank you =D

    • Dear Sir, Thank you for your interest! We are sorry for late in replying. The website manager has been away from the island for a while, now we will resume our regular updates and will keep you posted!

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