[Kuam News] Governor wants FSM citizens who break the law deported

Posted: Jul 11, 2016 3:18 PM TSTUpdated: Jul 11, 2016 3:37 PM TST

Governor Eddie Calvo is calling on the federal government to enforce provisions in the Compact of Free Association that allow for the removal and deportation of FSM citizens that are not abiding by the laws of Guam and the United States. The issue was heightened after an incident a few weeks ago at Hemlani’s Harmon Apartments when an officer was responding to a disturbance was attacked by a mob. Two people were arrested.

The governor in his weekly address said that it is the federal government’s duty to ensure that migrants are complying with the requirements of their residency on Guam. The Governor cites statistics which show a disproportionate numbers of migrants at the Department of Corrections – a number of whom are repeat offenders.

He said, “In addition, we have seen instances where offenders are released as they await their court dates only to break the law again. This has to stop. We have to take a stand against the criminal activities that endanger the lives of our residents and put an end to people taking advantage of the U.S. federal government’s lack of enforcement of the Treaty requirements.”

The Governor is sending letters to the FSM federal government and the state government of Chuuk to inform them of the situation.

Meanwhile, Calvo acknowledged two women who came forward during the Harmon attack to shield the officer from further injury. They were identified as Foustena Kianam and Engky John.

He thanked them for their courage to do the right thing.




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