[FSM News] FSM Embassy Strengthens Partnership With China’s National Committee For Pacific Economic Cooperation (CNCPEC) For China-Pacific Island Countries Project Cooperation

Resource: Yap State News Brief (March 8, 2016)

BEIJING, China (FSM Embassy in Beijing, Feb. 26, 2016) — Further to the first meeting in January, and in preparation to a proposed China-Pacific Island Countries Eco-tech Cooperation Forum that is tentatively being planned for late April or early May 2016, the FSM Embassy joined the Pacific Island Ambassadors Group (PIAG) in their second monthly meeting with the International Eco-tech Cooperation Committee (IECC) of China National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation [on February 24].  The meeting was held at the headquarters of the China National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation (CNCPEC) to further fine tune expectations and potential partnerships for the proposed Eco-tech forum.  The meeting also gave the opportunity for both sides to exchange ideas on how to enhance project cooperation between Pacific Island Countries and China.

Present from the Chinese side were Mr. Wu Wei, Executive Chairman of IECC, Mr. Liao Xiaoqin, IECC Senior Advisor and former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), Director General Jiang Shan of MOFCOM and other officials of the Department of American & Oceanian Affairs of the Ministry of Commerce, Standing Directors of IECC, and representatives from various enterprises interested in doing projects with the Pacific Island Countries.

Executive Chairman Wu Wei welcomed all the Ambassadors and conducted the meeting between the two sides. In support of the cooperation between Pacific Island Ambassadors and IECC, former Vice Minister Mr. Liao Xiaoqin acknowledged the special attachment he has with the Pacific Island Countries having had the opportunity to visit the islands, and having been a member of the Chinese delegation to the first China-Pacific Island Countries Economic Development and Cooperation Forum in Fiji in 2006.  He encouraged cooperation between the Pacific Islands Ambassadors Group and the IECC.  Director General Jiang of the Ministry of Commerce acknowledged the good platform that the Ambassadors were engaged in with IECC.  He expressed his support and looks forward to the implementation of cooperative projects in fields such as infrastructure construction, energy, fisheries, tourism, processing and trading industry.

Each Pacific head of mission from Samoa, Fiji, FSM, and Tonga expressed their appreciation for the meeting and took the opportunity to indicate areas of interest that they would like to collaborate further on with the IECC.  To familiarize the committee to the FSM, Ambassador Carlson D. Apis gave an introduction of FSM with emphasis on the FSM’s advantage of geographically being very near to China and having a very large exclusive economic zone..

Ambassador Apis joined his colleagues from Samoa, Fiji, and Tonga in expressing his desires to further cooperate with CNPEC and IECC in promoting China-Pacific partnership with enterprises from China, as well as gain valuable advice from entrepreneurs, and researchers associated with the Committee.  In terms of projects, Ambassador Apis identified fisheries, tourism, agriculture, and energy as key areas that the Embassy would be interested in working with CNPEC and IECC on.

In anticipation for the proposed echo-tech forum in April or May, and in line with the Embassy’s objective of seeking out aid for the economic and infrastructure development of the FSM, the Embassy will be working closely with capital and with the respective state governments for possible participation and or submission of approved projects to enable the Embassy and IECC to find potential companies and investors most suitable to enter into partnerships with the FSM.

Staffing Ambassador Apis to the meeting with CNPEC and IECC was Deputy Chief of Mission KS Vincent Sivas.

For further information, contact the FSM Embassy in Beijing at Ph: (86)1065324708 or e-mail address: embassy@fsmembassy.cn
Resource: Yap State News Brief (March 8, 2016)


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