Public Hearing concerning Yap State Land Leasing Act


A public hearing on Bill No. 9-27, which is to amend Chapter 3 of Title 29 of the Yap State Code, the Yap State Land Leasing Act, will beheld at the Legislative Chamber on Tuesday, January 19, at 1pm.


Bill No. 9-27: A BILL FOR AN ACT, To amend Chapter 3 of Title 29 of the Yap Stare Code, the Yap State Land Leasing Act, by amending Sections 302, 303(c), 304, 305 and 314 thereof, and for other purposes.

Date/place: Tuesday, January 19, 2016 at I :00 pm at the Legislative Chamber.

I. Senator Clement Mula lap (Proponent)
2. Governor Tony Ganngiyan
3. Chairman Bruno Thamgan
4. Chairman Ramon Pcyal
5. Acting Attorney General
6. Director, R&D
7. President, Board of Chamber of Commerce
8. Members, Yap State Foreign Investment Board
9. Chief, Land Resources Div.
10. Members, Yup State Land Lease Committee

The public is invited to offer their testimonies after the witnesses have offered their testimonies.

notice of public hearing


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