[Yap State News Brief] Health Department Issues Situation Report On Chikungunya Outbreak In Yap State

Resource: Yap State News Brief (December 6, 2013)

In its latest situational report on the Chikungunya virus, the Department of Health Services indicated that the total number of cases of people with Chikungunya fever has continued to increase.


The Department reported that as of December 03, 2013, the number of cases has reached 1,102. On Yap Proper, cases have increased to 974, while the Neighboring Islands  have collectively seen 128 cases.


Twelve (12) new cases have been reported from the Neighboring islands since last week. Breakdown of the new cases are as follows:


  • Mogmog                                                          5 cases


  • Fathrai                                                             4 cases


  • Woleai                                                             1 case


  • Falalop                                                            2 cases


The Department stated that despite previous health awareness programs and environmental health visits to homes in the communities, Chikungunya cases are now being reported in all the municipalities of Yap Proper.


It also stated that while Chikungunya is not usually fatal, it is a debilitating virus that could cause short term and prolonged suffering of joint pains. This will impact the quality of life for a the communities and the state economy, according to the health report.


To prevent the spread of the Chikungunya virus, the Department is urging everyone to practice good health habits and find out more about the virus from the hospital or any of the CHC (community health center) sites on island. These areas have been providing the public with information about the Chikungunya virus and how people should be preventing the mosquito virus from further spreading into their community.


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