Yap Stone Money Banks Receive Preservation Funding

Yap State Government
Colonia, Yap, FSM

November 29, 2013


The Yap State Historic Preservation Office issued a statement regarding six cultural sites or properties which have been reviewed by the HPO board of directors and approved for funding during this fiscal year.

These cultural/historic sites or properties that were approved for funding included:

  1. Faltamol Stone Money Bank, Wacholab, Maap Municipality
  2. Filsew Stone Money Bank, Gachpar, Gagil Municipality
  3. Mangyol Stone Money Bank, Makiy, Gagil Municipality
  4. Faltarow Stone Money Bank, Okaw, Weloy Municipality
  5. Ayen Stone Money Bank, Balabat, Rull Municipality, and
  6. Uloch Stone Money Bank, Thabeth, Gilman Municipality

These stone money banks were selected by the traditional Council of Pilung for restoration activities as the second round of stone money banks to be restored.

Five stone money banks were first selected and restored in 2011.

The Yap State Historic Preservation Office is inviting comments or questions from the general public or any individuals interested in one of the six sites being selected for restoration purposes.

Comments and concerns must be submitted to the Yap State Historic Preservation Office within 15 days from Nov. 27, 2013.

Anyone with concerns regarding the six projects may visit the office or call YSHPO at 691-350-4226, or visit its Facebook page at www.facebook.com/pages/Yap-State-Historic-Preservation-Office/456070004485578.


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