[Yap State News Brief] Commerce & Industry Encourages Businesses To Comply With Applicable State Laws And Regulations

Resource: Yap State News Brief (December 2, 2013)

The Department of Resources & Development (R&D), Division of Commerce & Industry (C&I)  through a statement, encourages all businesses within the State of Yap to comply with all applicable State Laws and regulations pertaining to doing business in the State.


In its statement, the Chief of C&I mentioned that pursuant to Section 104 (c) of the Yap State Business Act (YSL No. 5-73), “Business” and “engaging in business” mean any activity or conduct (whether proprietary, partnership, corporate, or whatever form, including non-profit organizations operating businesses) engaged in with the object of gain, economic benefit or advantage, either direct or indirect. Pursuant to this law, the Division of Commerce & Industry is encouraging everyone who is engaging in business to comply with all applicable State Laws and regulations pertaining to business.


Meantime, the Office encouraging people who engaged in business but have not been issued a State Business License to apply for a License in order to bring their business into full compliance of the State law.


People interested to apply for a Business License should pick up an application from C&I office, located within R&D at the Administration Building.


A non-refundable application fee of $25.00 for each business category must accompany the application for a State Business License when turned in to C&I. All application fee shall be made payable to the State Treasury.


Questions should be directed to phone no. 350-2182 for clarification.


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