The following post was publicized by Mr. Henry Norman on the facebook page, Yap’s Development. We thank Mr. Norman for allowing us to repost it here.

Resource: Yap Development (facebook page)

Henry K.O. Norman

Oct 22, 2013

This is an interesting open letter from FSM Senator Isaac Figir to Ms. Gisog (I guess that this would be either Kattinow or Martina), published on October 16.

Senator Figir says:

“When someone comes to you offering a wonderful thing there are usually hidden consequences behind the offer. As prudent decision makers, it is up to us to figure out what those hidden consequences are.”

Very true! Hidden consequences… Prudent decision makers… Maybe Governor Anefal should ask Senator Figir what these terms really mean?

One has to wonder, why are there no worries about “hidden consequences” where ETG and their lofty “proposal” is concerned? Are PRC (ETG) exempt from scrutiny when they come offering (what to some sounds/looks like) “wonderful things”? Is prudent decision making not needed where they are concerned, only when “suspicious” agencies like the World Bank make offers?

Senator Figir continues:

“… the devil is in the details. We learned that lesson with the Compact and various Asian Development Bank loans.”

Again, true. And again, what about the devilish details in (1) the so called “Cooperative Investment Agreement” and (2) the ETG “Lease Agreement Template”?

Senator Figir concludes:

“It is incumbent on us to perform our due diligence, and do what is best for our state after deliberation of the pros and cons. I am sure you are not asking us to jump just because someone may be giving us some money.”

Amen to that, Senator Figir! Due diligence: Good! Do what is best for Yap State: Good. Well, by now the informed reader can see where this is going… Quite a few people in Yap State seems to not only be jumping, but also asking “How high, ETG?”…

Senator Figir’s position APPEARS to be that a five million World Bank grant (the only “cost” being to break the FSMTC monopoly (which would very likely turn out to be boon to all FSM telecom service customers!)) is to be looked upon with suspicious eyes, BUT, at the same time, the ETG “gift” of an hitherto unknown level of “tourism development” should be gratefully embraced, no questions asked?

There’s a severe disconnect here, somewhere… What is going on?


Kaselehlie Press – Senator Figir makes his telecom position known in open letter to constituent


Micronesia’s newspaper based in Pohnpei

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