[Yap State News Brief] Yap Governor’s Office Clarifies It’s Position On Resolution No. 8-75 In June 21st Letter To Legislature


Resource: Yap State News Brief/ June 27, 2013


In response to requests issued by the Yap State Legislature, as reported in our News Brief from June 25, 2013, the Office of the Governor stated in a letter issued on June 21, 2013 that their position on the Yap State Resolution No. 8-75 had been made clear in a May 28, 2013 Memorandum issued by the Office of the Attorney General.


The preface to the Memorandum stated, “On May 16, 2013, the Attorney General and Lieutenant Governor attended a meeting with members of the Legislature to discuss Yap State Resolution 8-75.  At that meeting, the Attorney General was tasked with forming a legal opinion of the scope and legality of the Resolution.  This opinion is a response to that request.”


The Resolution, adopted on May 2, 2013 by the Eighth Legislature of the State of Yap, called for the “Yap State Foreign Investment Board to cancel the Foreign Investment Permit (FIP) of the Exhibit and Travel Group (ETG). The resolution further states that if the Board fails to cancel the FIP of ETG within twenty (20) days of receipt, the resolution shall operate to cancel the Permit itself.”


Lieutenant Governor Anthony M. Tareg drafted and sent a letter to the Honorable Speaker Henry Falan on June 21, 2013 which acknowledged the receipt of both letters sent by the 8th Legislature and further clarified that the memorandum released by the Attorney General was “intended as a response to the ‘list of concerns and issues as agreed’ to in the May 16, 2013 meeting.”


The following is a transcription of the Lieutenant Governor’s reply to the Speaker Falan’s June 20th letter:


“June 21, 2013


The Honorable Henry Falan


Eight Yap State Legislature

P.O. Box 99

Colonia, Yap FM 96943



Dear Speaker Falan:


I take this opportunity to thank you and acknowledge receipt of your June 20th,  2013 letter.  (second letter)  Mr. Speaker, not to dwell so much on the first letter dated June 4th,  2013, which was signed by you, Vice Speaker Ted Rutun, Chairmen Clement Mulalap and Jesse Raglmar-SUBOLMAR, although there maybe indications that my office received the letter on June 7th, 2013, I must admit that the letter never found its way to my desk for one reason or another.  I got it as an attachment to your second letter which I received June 20th, 2013.


As noted on the second letter, “Should the Legislature consider the legal memo from Assistant AG as your transmittal to us of the list of concerns and issues or should we expect to hear from your office as agreed to in the meeting?”.  I am writing to rectify any misunderstanding that my failure to respond to your first letter may have caused.


The legal memo from Assistant AG through the Attorney General has been fully reviewed and intended as a response to the ‘list of concerns and issues as agreed’ to in the May 16, 2013 meeting.


Thank you,


Anthony M. Tareg

Lt. Governor


Cc:       AG



After the June 25th News Brief was issued by YapStateGov.org, a meeting between Lieutenant Governor Tareg and Ruotpong Pongliyab, the Director of the Department of Youth and Civic Affairs (DYCA), whose office is in charge of the Division of Media, revealed that a miscommunication between their respective offices resulted in the release of the Legislative letters without including the immediate follow-up transmitted by the Office of the Governor.  We apologize for the error and any misunderstanding it may have caused.


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