[FSM News] FSM Foreign Affairs To Develop 10 Year Strategic Plan

News Release

FSM Information Service
Palikir, Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia

May 17, 2013


On Monday, on the occasion of the annual meeting of the FSM Department of Foreign Affairs, President Manny Mori availed himself the opportunity to speak with Secretary Lorin Robert, ambassadors and members of the foreign missions, as well as other department staff, in the setting of the annual department meeting usually staged at home office.

All the ambassadors and the Guam and Honolulu-based consul-generals usually join their home-based foreign affairs colleagues during the May session of the FSM Congress for the purpose of their department internal meeting as well as to answer to Congress as the incoming fiscal year budget is deliberated on.

At this meeting, President Mori spoke mainly about the need for the department to work toward the creation of a strategic development plan that will guide its plans, activities and contributions to the overall direction of the nation within the next 10 years and urged the participants provide some views for or against crafting a new departmental plan at this time.

In his response, Secretary Robert, with concurrence from his staff, assured the president that the department will seriously explore available ways and means to ensuring that the plan will be put in place with the involvement of the state governments and other stakeholders whose aspirations and views also impact the department’s overseas activities within the “loosed federation” context of the FSM.

In the end, there was consensus that the internal meeting will take up further discussions on the need for a new plan to ensure the department’s “marching order” is in line with current burning issues and on-going endeavors (such as the tax reform project, 2023 Planning Committee, trade and investment facilitation, etc.) not only to cushion the adverse effects of U.S. funding termination under the Compact but more importantly to grow an economy that facilitates sustainability beyond the Compact time frame.

The department held its internal meeting throughout the week.


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