[Yap State News Brief] Yap Public Audit Office “Going Green”

Yap State News Brief, May 8, 2013

Resource: Office of the Public Auditor, State of Yap (link)


[OPA Release] – As part of its effort to reduce paperwork, the Office of the Public Auditor (OPA) in Yap has begun its implementation of Engagement CS, a powerful paperless engagement system. The “one-stop” software is a comprehensive accounting audit management program providing easy organization of any professional engagement, from planning and review to final document archiving, ensuring a complete, accurate, and cost-effective audit engagement.


The paperless workflow makes it easy to keep track of projects, provides working paper diagnostics and audit checklists throughout the process, and share access, so the whole audit team can work together in one central binder no matter where they are. Funding for the software programs was provided by a technical assistance grant awarded directly to OPA by the Office of Insular Affairs of the U.S. Department of the Interior.


As part of the CS Professional Suite of products, Engagement CS shares data with other applications so that every aspect of the workflow can be streamlined. With versatile management tools, Engagement CS can assign documents and keep track of who’s touching which documents and who’s signing off on what. Plus, with its unique multi-staff functionality, Engagement CS lets all audit team members access working papers and the trial balance simultaneously, free up work from the logistics of checking out, transferring, and synchronizing files.


The office has also eliminated many of the forms, checklists, listings, and other documents to reduce unnecessary paperwork.


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