FSM and Australia hold second review talks on Pacific Partnership for Development

Press Release #13045-02
Palikir, Pohnpei – FSM Information Services
May 06, 2013


On April 30, 2013, the Government of Australia and the Federated States of Micronesia held its second annual review talks on Pacific Partnership for Development at the FSM Department of Foreign Affairs’ conference room. The Pacific Partnership for Development (PP4D) is a development partnership between the FSM and Australia where issues of common interests are discussed between the two governments, specifically as it relates to the three priority sectors in the areas of Financial stability and economic development, with an emphasis on tax reform elements, Coordination of development assistance, and the Environmental management, with an emphasis on legislation and legal reform.

In his remarks, Secretary Lorin S. Robert of the Department of Foreign Affairs reiterated FSM’s appreciation to the government and people of Australia for all the support, assistance and cooperation extended over the past years, not only in the three priority sectors but also scholarships to FSM’s young men and women.  He also indicated that the partnership between Australia and FSM has grown stronger every year and commended Australia for its leadership not only in our Asia Pacific Region but beyond the region, especially for its role as a member of the UN Security Council. He thanked the Australian Delegation and everyone for the progress and achievements made this year and expressed his confidence and optimism for the same as this partnership moves forward.

Heading the Australian Delegation was Mr. Nic Notarpietro, AusAID Director for Polynesia and Micronesia, along with Ms. Erin Magee, AusAID Project Manager and staff from the Australian Embassy. During their short stay in the FSM, Mr. Notarpietro and his delegation paid a courtesy call on the Honorable Vice-President Alik L. Alik, and observed the 17th FSM Congress Special Session and met some members of the FSM Congress.

Mr. Nic Notarpietro, reciprocated by thanking the FSM Government for the warm welcome provided to them. He also said that with the PP4D, it gives them the opportunity to assess activities for the development partnership between the two governments, see what’s been achieved from the previous PP4D, and how they can articulate and deliver results on challenges, issues, and priorities of the PP4D. With the support from Australia, he congratulated the FSM for the achievements made thus far and urged continuation of the efforts at all levels of Government.

Other members of the FSM Delegation included Secretary Kensley Ikosia of the Department of Finance & Administration, Director Andrew Yatilman of OEEM, Director Evelyn Adolph of SBOC and other officials of the National Government.


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