[Yap State News Brief] Chinese Government Offers Yap Assistance In Agriculture & Biogas Development

Resource: Yap State News Brief/ April 16, 2013

The Government of the People’s Republic of China has offered support in Agriculture and Biogas development in Yap, according to a communication from the Economic and Commercial Counselor’s Office at the Chinese Embassy in the Federated States of Micronesia.


In her communication dated April 8, 2013, the Economic and Commercial Office First Secretary, Ms. Xiaohong Ouyang informed the State Government that two Chinese agricultural technicians Mr. Deng and Mr. Xu from the Pilot Farm Project in Pohnpei will be visiting Yap State from April 13-16, 2013 to discuss the details of the agriculture and biogas project. The Chinese Government has granted the funds for the Pilot Farm Project in the State of Pohnpei.


The ECC Office First Secretary has stated in the communication that the main objective of the visit is to meet with government officials to discuss the possibility of future cooperation in agriculture and biogas project in Yap State.


The two Chinese agriculture technicians began their meetings and discussions with the Director of Resources and Development, Frank Haregaichig, along with the Chief of Forestry and Agriculture division, Tamdad Sulog, on Monday morning, April 15, 2013. The two Technicians are expected to pay their debriefings on the Governor after conducting meetings with the Department of R&D.


Resource: Yap State News Brief/ April 16, 2013


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