[FSM News] Five-day session ends: Congress passes five bills

April 19, 2013



The fifth special session of the 17th FSM Congress ended the five-day session today and adjourned-sine-die with five bills passed on second and final reading. Four of these bills (C.B.17-220, C.B 17-221, C.B. 17-222, C.B.17-223) were amendments to previous public project laws throughout the federation, making changes in the use of some funds and changing allotees for certain project funds. C.B. 17-220 contains funds for projects in the State of Kosrae, which the Kosrae delegation now intends to redirect to the Special Education Program to assist with ongoing funding complications that have caused non-payment for certain employees the last three pay periods.  

The fifth bill that got Congressional approval was C.B.17-176, DC1 (amended) which delays the deadline of April 19 in the Revenue Administration Act of 2012 (RAA) by three months, such that the new deadline will be July 19, 2013.

Hence, one of President Manny Mori’s two main purposes for calling the special session was partly achieved with the amendment to the “sunset clause”. The proposal to establish a $500,000 revolving fund for federal programs is still pending.

Congress will come together again on April 29 for its 6th special session.




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