[FSM News] Congress reconsiders “sunset clause”, congratulates new Chuuk State leadership: Day Four of 5th special session

April 18, 2013



After voting down the bill to amend the “sunset clause” in the Revenue Administration Act of 2012 yesterday, Congress reconsidered its decision and unanimously voted in favor of the bill in first reading in today’s session, pushing back the deadline of April 19 to July 19. The bill will go through second reading tomorrow. Vote will be cast by State, requiring at least 3 votes for approval. It will become law upon approval by the President or by becoming law by itself (without the President’s signature).

Congress also passed in first reading three separate amendments to public projects at the States.

A resolution expressing congratulations to the new leadership of Chuuk State, sworn into office on the 16th of April, 2013, was adopted.

Among many items pending before Congress is an approving resolution for two grants from the United States Government to be utilized by the FSM Department of Health and Social Affairs. These grants are for services that take place at the States. The resolution for approving the grant can be read through the link below.


More reports tomorrow….


[FSM News] correction to the article: “congress reconsidered “sunset clause”, congratulated Elimo-Heldard on reelection…”

April 18, 2013


The article incorrectly said that Congress reconsidered the bill to “repeal” the sunset clause. The statement should have been: “Congress reconsidered the bill to amend the sunset clause, pushing back the deadline of April 19 to July 19”.

The mistake is the word “repeal” which put in a totally different meaning to what Congress actually did. The changed the deadline, not removed it.

Please note this mistake. Sorry.

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