[Marianas Variety] FSM envoy presents strategies for avoiding climate migrations

April 12, 2013


HONOLULU, Hawaii (FSM Information Services) — On April 5, FSM Ambassador to the United States Asterio Takesy spoke to an audience at the University of Hawaii at Manoa about climate change impacts in the Pacific and the prospect of future climate change-induced migration.

In his hour-long presentation, Takesy made the argument that climate migrations from small island states such as FSM can be delayed for a long time, even if it is likely that sea level rise will make some low-lying islands uninhabitable in the long run.

He presented a strategy with four pillars, the first of which was global climate change mitigation, in particular actions to reduce short-lived climate pollutants so as to produce mitigation effects in the near-term. He emphasized the need to reduce greenhouse gases and substances with warming effects such as hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs, black carbon, methane and tropospheric ozone in addition to deep and immediate cuts in carbon dioxide.

He also highlighted FSM’s efforts in international negotiations including its proposed amendment to the Montreal Protocol to regulate the consumption and production of HFCs. He noted that FSM is seeking additional co-sponsors for its revised proposal and expressed the hope that 2013 will be the year that this amendment is adopted.

The other three pillars he described concern actions that must be taken on the ground in FSM with respect to adaptation to climate change, conservation of natural resources, and sustainable development of those resources, especially fisheries.




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