[Yap State News Brief] Public Hearing Scheduled on April 10, 2013 On Bill No. 8-117


Resource: Yap State News Brief, April 8, 2013

The 8th Yap State Legislature released a notice of public hearing, informing the general public of a scheduled hearing on Wednesday, April 10, 2013 at the Legislative Chamber.

The public hearing is on Bill No. 8-117, “A BILL FOR AN ACT, to appropriate the sum of $22,072,551 from the Yap State Fiscal Year 2014 financial estimates for the purpose of funding government operations, programs and projects in the State of Yap during Fiscal Year 2014, and for other purposes”.

The public hearing will be split into two separate hearings with two witness groups—one starting at 9:30AM with R&D, Director Frank Haregaichig and all R&D Division Chiefs, and another beginning at 1:30PM with DY&CA, Director Ruotpong Pongliyab and all DY&CA Division Chiefs.  Also called as key witness in both hearings are Lt. Governor Tony Tareg, Director of the Office Planning & Budget, Raymond Igechep, and Chief of Budget, Pius Talimeisei.

As usual, public hearings are open to the general public; any comments from the general public would be entertained after the witnesses complete their testimonies.

Resource: Yap State News Brief, April 8, 2013


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