[FSM News] President Mori calls the Fifth Special Session of the 17th FSM Congress




Monday, April 8, 2013


FSMIS (April 8, 2013): An April 5 memo from President Manny Mori to all FSM National Government’s department, office and agency Heads informed everyone that “the President has called a five-day Special Session convening on April 15, 2013”.

In his April 5 letter to Speaker Isaac V. Figir, President Mori identified the following two subject matters as the main purposes for calling the session:

1. Tax Reform amendment of “sunset clause” in the Revenue Administration Act (RAA), and
2. Establishment of revolving fund for federal programs.

The tax reform matter is more urgent as indicated in the letter.

The Heads and relevant staff have been advised to work closely with Congressional Committees and be available and ready for hearings by the Congressional Committees throughout the session.

It is the standard policy for Secretaries, Directors and Agency Heads not to travel or be off-island during session of Congress.


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