[FSM News] COM-FSM 20th year anniversary celebrated through high drama cultural exhibits


Yapese Student Organization performing their dance that got the Best Performance award


FSMIS (April 2, 2013): The College of Micronesia-FSM campuses on Pohnpei celebrated the college’s 20th year anniversary yesterday in a high-drama event that started at the softball field at the Spanish Wall in Kolonia Town and climaxed at the track and field facility in Nett.


Eight team floats displaying cultural items and various exhibits made up the parade that marched from central Kolonia Town all the way to the track field in Nett, an approximately 2-mile stretch. Closely behind the floats, cheering and dancing in colors and catchy attires, were various student clubs: Yapese Student Organization, Chu Chok Chuuk, Kosraean Student Organization, Pingelap-Mokiloa Student Organization, Nukuoro-Kapingamarangi Student Organization, Pohnpei National Campus Student Organization, Sapwuafik Student Organization, and the COM-FSM Pohnpei Campus team.


A group from the COM-FSM Pohnpei State Campus


The parade and the cultural display competitions were judged by different panels of judges that were pre-drawn from the island-group communities, adding to the energy and fun that was visible from all the 8 groups and the huge crowd that came out in support of the college on its important commemoration.

The event attracted the attention of so many leaders and members of the Diplomatic Corp, including Governor John Ehsa of Pohnpei State who gave a special address after Dr. Joseph Daisy, the President of the college, made the welcome remarks.


In the cumulative view of the judges, the best floats and best parade extravaganza belonged to the PingMok group with the Yapese Team and Chuukese Team tied in second place. The Sapwuafik Team was third.

For the cultural displays and dances, the You’re-the-Best award went to the decorated Yapese dancers whose show was the concluding entertainment for the day. The second place award was given to the Pohnpei Group from the National Campus. The PingMok Team and the Pohnpei Campus Team both got the third place award.


Students from Sapwuafik

The morning down-pour did not dampen the determination that was steadily amassing at the ballfield where the floats were being readied for showcasing in the unique parade that not only entertained the on-lookers along the way but must have pleased the spirits above who later granted a full day of great sunshine until the event was over around 4:00p.m.





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