[Yap State News Brief] Intangible Cultural Heritage Workshop To Be Held In Yap

Resource: Yap State News Brief/ March 22, 2013

With assistance from the United Nations Educational, Scientific  and Cultural Organization the State  Historic Preservation Office (HPO), in collaboration with the National Archive, Historic  & Cultural Preservation, Yap Living History Museum and individuals from the community is organizing a 3-day workshop on Intangible Cultural Heritage to be held from March 26 to 28, 2013.


The objective of the workshop is to increase awareness of Intangible Cultural Heritage by providing an overview on the subject matter. Intangiblecultural heritage can be traditional knowledge such as craftsmanship, songs, dances, languages and other skills, according to organizers of this particular workshop, but not the men’s house, stone platforms, stone paths and other types of traditional structures.


This workshop is funded by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) which has chosen Yap as the venue for this year’s workshop.


Representatives of UNESCO and FSM Office of Archives & Preservations will be among the dignitaries and other members of the State Leadership who have been designated to deliver opening statements during the opening on Tuesday March 26, 2013.


The representatives from UNESCO and FSM Office of Archives and Preservations will also be on hand to give presentations on the Intangible CulturalHeritage Convention and Implementation during the workshop.


Skilled people from the community have also been designated to give presentations on the following areas;


1.         Oral traditions and expressions, including language as a vehicle of ICH

2.         Chanting and oral traditions in Yap, “Oral traditions associated with Yapese stone disk” Yapese language and its expressions

3.         Arts

4.         Yapese dances and songs

5.         Social practices, rituals and festive events

6.         Chieftain System – investiture ceremony, customary laws, land ownership, gift giving, etc.

7.         Knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe

8.         Traditional navigation system

9.         Traditional medicine

10.       Traditional fishing methods – inner and outer reef

11.       Traditional knowledge of environmental management

12.       Traditional craftsmanship

13.       Traditional weaving methods that relates to other traditions through ICH, and

14.       Museum and ICH – safeguarding ICH and cultural understanding


The workshop is expected to discuss Strategy and Action Plan for ICH safeguarding in Yap State prior to its closing on Thursday, March 28, 2013.


The 3-day workshop  is open to the public so everyone is welcomed to attend so they can listen to the issues that will be discussed. The Government owned Radio Station will provide coverage on segments of the workshop so for those who cannot make it to the Small Business Development Center where most of the activities and presentations will be taking place during the 3-day workshop could just tune in to V6AI on 1494khz.


For additional information, please contact the State Historic Preservation Office at your convenient.



Resource: Yap State News Brief/ March 22, 2013


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