[Guardian] Global development podcast: water, water everywhere?

To mark world water day, we talk about the pressure on one of the world’s most precious resources



guardian.co.ukFriday 22 March 2013 10.38 GMT

John VidalMatt HillClaire Provost and Lucy Lamble


Climate change, urbanisation and population growth are increasing concern about how to provide water for everyone.

Can these challenges fuel co-operation rather than competition? What are the main obstacles to delivering and managing water supplies? Are governments doing enough – or too much – to protect resources? Should water supply be privatised? Is water a commodity or a human right?

John Vidal chairs this month’s podcast with contributions from Catarina de Albuquerque, the UN special rapporteur on water; Timeyin Uwejamomere, senior policy analyst for urban water and sanitation at WaterAid; Dr Peter Gleick, a leading water expert and president of the Pacific Institute research centre in Oakland, California; and Thierry Mallet, senior executive vice-president of Suez Environnement. Plus,Lucy Lamble reports from Malawi on rural and urban water provision.

• Relive some of the debates on our Talk point



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