[Yokwe] U.S., RMI Sign Cooperative Maritime Security Protocol

Navy and Coast Guard to assist Marshalls’ marine authority


MAJURO, Marshall Islands (Yokwe, March 19, 2013) – Republic of the Marshall Islands’ and United States’ officials yesterday in Majuro signed a protocol supporting the Republic’s maritime security.

RMI Foreign Minister Phillip Muller and US Ambassador Thomas Armbruster signed the agreement which serves to expand the types of law enforcement vessels and cooperation in surveillance and interdiction activities.

“In this agreement, we will now include the US Navy ships, to also assist the US Coast Guard in working with our MIMRA (Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority) officers, other police enforcement officers, and agencies to patrol our EEZ Zone,” stated Minister Muller.

“We value the conservation and protection of our vital marine resources,” he said.

The Minister also expressed sincere appreciation for the new development in the relationship between the RMI and the US.

US Ambassador Armbruster said that the signed Protocol was timely and truly a joint activity that benefits both countries. “Working together on projects like this, we can maximize our resources and protect the marine resources of the RMI.”

The RMI Office of the President noted following in its March 20 release:

The surveillance operations strengthen maritime domain awareness; improve maritime governance; deter illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing; and contributes to the overall maritime security network in the Pacific.

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