[Yap State News] YSPSC Awards Solar Project Contract


Resource: Yap State News Brief/ March 18, 2013

[YSPSC Release] – Yap State Public Service Corporation would like to proudly announce the contract agreement for the EFII SOGPVSP project. The award of the contract has been provided to the Johs Gram-Hanssen A/S company based in Copenhagen, Denmark.  The award of the contract is that of $1,541,540.73 for the provision of PV solar system supplies.


This EFII SOGPVSP project is for the benefit of providing electrical power resources to individuals as well as schools and dispensaries of 11 outer islands of Yap State. These islands include that of Ngulu, Woleai-Falalus, Woleai-Siliap, Woleai-Tagailap, Woleai-Wattagai, Eauripik, Faraulap-Falalap, Faraulap-Pigue, Elato, Ifalik and Lamotrek. This project will be implemented over the next 12 months period with the following objectives:


•           Improvement to the livelihoods of both individuals and communities

•           Improvement for education facilities for all students and staff

•           Improvement and encouragement of small and/or micro businesses


The use of renewable energy resources is a theme not only for now but also the future. YSPSC remains committed to continue being on the leading edge when it comes the usefulness of the PV solar resourcing. In this regards, YSPSC feels strongly that the EFII project, along with others to come, will be of great benefit to all those who live within the island communities of the State of Yap.

Resource: Yap State News Brief (March 18, 2013)


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