[Henry Norman] Casino Gambling Controversy Simmering in Western Samoa


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Henry K.O. Norman uploaded a file.

A few days ago, Yap State Government (on their official web site) posted another brief, which had an “upbeat” item about ETG and gambling in Samoa. Incidentally, the original article was altered, presumably to “look better for ETG”… Which makes it the third (known) time that someone in the government is using the State controlled web site to promote some hidden (and personal? Or is it state policy?) agenda… This kind of media manipulation sure does not look good for a democratically elected government…

Anyway, to offset the “good news” about Samoa being positive about gambling, I found a number of articles to the contrary… There is some resentment in Western Samoa, to the idea of building a large casino, and it seems to be growing. These articles are collected in this document, highlighted and footnoted (as usual! And BTW, there is a LOT more out there: try googling with “ETG casino Samoa”!)

A very interesting piece of information is revealed in those articles: ETG is said to need 500 hectares (1,235 acres, or 2,000,000+ square meter) for a 500-room resort, with a casino and a golf course. If all goes well for ETG, construction is planned to begin in June, it is reported.

Casino Gambling Controversy Simmering in Western Samoa


3 thoughts on “[Henry Norman] Casino Gambling Controversy Simmering in Western Samoa

  1. That Land in Mulivai that these people are trying to build on has been stolen from my family. The so called holders of this land has lied to the Chinese and Samoan governments. Suatele is the fake who steals from people. He doesn’t have any blood in the land. I need help to stop this. I pray someone sees this and contacts me. 1

    • In new zealand.know about all this.my number 02102363189.i have what it takes to bring back what belong to my family.suatele family im coming for you.100 and ten years fucken filipo suatele the high chief justice.the family know .they just keep living in a lie all this time.smart thow.not for long.The thruth will always reveal.god knows everything.a lot of smart people know too all in record.

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