Concerned Citizens Group

P.O. Box 802

Colonia, Yap State, FM 96943

March 4th, 2013

The Honorable Henry Falan

Speaker, Yap State Legislature

Colonia, Yap, FSM 96943

Dear Speaker Henry Falan,


We are writing to you to express our deep concern of the land-leasing issues happening in several communities in Yap at this point of time. As citizens and landowners of Yap, we have obtained one land lease agreement (in blank form, or template) between ETG and the individual landowner in the Yap State, which we have attached to this letter. While reading the land lease agreement template, we, the ordinary people in Yap not acquainted with the legal knowledge relating to real estate agreement, have become completely shocked by the provisions in the lease template, which are extremely favorable for the lessee, ETG, and extremely unfavorable for the lessor, we Yapese.

Considering most Yapese landowners are unfamiliar with their rights and powers before entering into the contract relation with ETG—i.e. signing the lease agreement with ETG, realizing the current resources for legal consultation in Yap are not sufficient enough to meet the anticipated surging demands, understanding the limited availability of legal service to private Yapese landowners, seeing the enormous impacts on the public welfares in Yap resulting from extensive land-leasing, we humbly request Yap State Legislature to hold a public hearing on the attached land lease agreement between ETG and Yapese landowners.

Your consideration of our request will be crucially significant for public education. It will not only benefit the contemporary Yap, but also benefit the forthcoming generations.

Siro and Kamagar.

Respectfully Submitted,



Mr. Nicholas FigirlaarwonRepresentative of the Concerned Citizens Group




Mr. Timothy MoonRepresentative of the Concerned Citizens Group            Date



Mr. John G. MangefelRepresentative of the Concerned Citizens Group          Date

PDF Files:

CCG-public letter to YSL-20130306-P1

CCG-public letter to YSL-20130306-P2


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