[Samoa Observer] Chinese Company Yet To Submit Samoa Casino Proposal

ETG also looking to arrange direct flights from China to Faleolo

By Lanuola Tupufia


APIA, Samoa (Samoa Observer, Feb. 25, 2013) – The Chinese company to whom the government has granted a license to establish a casino in Samoa has yet to submit a proposal as a foreign investor, the Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Commerce Industry and Labour, Auelua Samuelu Enari, has confirmed.

Exhibition and Tourism Group (ETG), based in Chenghu, is one of the two companies whose applications to set up casinos in Samoa is accepted by the government.

The other one is Aggie Grey’s Beach Resort.

However, Auelua says that before any foreign company can invest in Samoa it needs to have a Foreign Investors Certificate.

He explains that the Chinese company has indicated it will submit its proposal soon when it is compiled.

“The proposal can be done through an attorney or an accountant. They need to have a location in the country,” he said. “We are told that they are preparing their proposal and they will submit it together with their incentives.”

ETG. is apparently planning to build a “substantial hotel” at Mulivai, Safata, in Upolu where the casino it is proposing will be located.

It is understood that the company is also looking to arranging direct flights from China to Faleolo with the idea off-lying Chinese tourists over to play at the casino when it is completed.

Auelua says an ETG representative who visited Samoa last year discussed with his office “entitlements and other related information to prepare their proposal. The way things are at the moment indicate that the process is in progress.”

As for the 500 acres of land at Safata on which the five star hotel will be build, Auelua says that the “negotiation are looking positive”

He says the company is looking at other locations to setup smaller resorts.

“I am not sure if 500 acres of land will be found in Safata but that is what they want to include in the hotel, a golf course and other activities. The Chairman (of ETG) will visit in March.”

ETG are a very successful Exhibition and Tourism business with head quartered in Chengdu, China. China’s third largest travel company, ETG has extensive hotel and resort operations in other countries.

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