[Yap State News Brief] Senator Tina Muña Barnes Discusses Challenges Affecting Regional Tourism With FSM President

Resource: Yap State News Brief/ February 26, 2013

HAGÅTÑA, Guam (Public Release/Pacific News Center) — Following on the heels of her meetings this past week with Palau leaders including President Thomas (“Tommy”) Remengesau, Jr., Senator Tina Muña Barnes met today with FSM President Emanuel (“Manny”) Mori as part of her renewed efforts in the 32nd Guam Legislature to increase regional collaboration on tourism-related issues.


The subject of their meeting was the current state of regional tourism, including challenges shared by our neighboring islands as well as the opportunities for collaboration and growth in our respective industries. Senator Muña Barnes and President Mori discussed the need for leaders across Micronesia to work together to come up with a region-wide approach to addressing the rise in air travel in the region.


“As Chairperson on Tourism, I have engaged with stakeholders across both the private and public sectors and know that the rising cost of airfare to and among our islands is a regional problem that requires a regional solution,” says the Senator.  “Airfare costs in this region have risen beyond the reach of too many of our people, and something bold needs to be done about that.”


Resource: Yap State News Brief/ February 26, 2013



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