Floor Statement by Senator Jesse Raglmar on February 20th Session Day of the 3rd Regular Session of the 8th Legislature of the State of Yap

Resource: Senator Jesse Raglmar-Subolmar’s facebook page
Thank you Mr. Acting Speaker

I rise on a point of privilege to speak and clear the air on an issue because some may thought without thinking that we have given very few and far in between recognition to our women folks than we should, as though women really need our recognition. To me women do not need any recognition from us. What they need is our support and assistance to uplift their spirits and their own appreciation of their vital roles under custom and tradition and in our lives today. I will admit that our women folks had to undergo a catch up game with men in terms of education and thus employment in the workforce and that was not the fault of man or anybody. It was more because of our love and our care for our women. Under our custom and tradition, during the Navy Administration after the War and the hey days of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, the fathers were unwilling to let go of their daughters and so their sons went, not because they love them less but because they were men, they could defend themselves better at PICS and elsewhere. They could take care of themselves better on Gunnersknot by sea.

So the men left and went to school away from home and got the education and got the jobs. The daughters stayed close to home to take care of the parents and have the security of the home. That is why. It is a not that women need our recognition as men and government, but need our recognition of the fact that among them are some of the brightest minds and are brightest because of the sure foundation that they are as our mothers and mothers of society and of love itself. The peace in the home is because she is the mother of the home and she is there. If fact, Mr. Acting Speaker, the women are the ones doing the work that matters most to our well being than what we do. We like to play on land and in the sea. Them, they can play anywhere.

So our women should not feel that they need our recognition, they do not need. It is the other way around, we pretend we do not but in fact, we are the ones in need of women’s recognition. We go berserk if we do not get it. Some accuse us for giving only few and far in between recognition to women but women; they do not need our recognition. 

Women folks stand and be counted, young ones and not so young ones, like Miss Kaijie recently, in her recent state, national and regional achievements. So women folks, there is no bound, no limit but the ones you, yourselves placed around you. Be brave and yes many have and many are even in the US Military but be braver and come on and be policy makers to better guide our state with your mother’s touch and instincts, because you are and you have it, we are just your mouth piece. 

Thank you very much., Mr. Acting Speaker.

Resource: Senator Jesse Raglmar-Subolmar’s facebook page


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