Floor Statement by Senator Jesse Raglmar in 6th Session Day of the 3rd Regular Session of the Eighth Legislature of the State of Yap, February 14, 2013


Resource: Senator Jesse Raglmar’-Subolmar’s facebook page


Thank you Mr. Speaker,

I wish to share with you and the honorable members the wonderful news that one of the favorite daughters of Yap State, Miss Dyanna Kaijie has brought honor to the State recently by winning the United States Affiliated Pacific Island Wide Lab Opening Day Speech Contest, which took place before the 53rd PIHOA Meeting in Honolulu on February 8, 2013. The USPI Lab Opening Day events, which started in Yap and in each of the states and U.S. Territories in the Pacific is to promote and give recognition to the key role of medical laboratory and thus careers in this important medical professions. 

Miss. Dyanna Kaijie won the contest in Yap last September 27, 2012 and then went on to the National Constest in Pohnpei in December 6, 2012 which she won and advanced to the Regional Contest in Hawaii, which she won the first place prize and for which we are very proud.

I wish to submit the text of her speech into our journal today as part of my brief fllor statement. I beg your indulgence for I would like to read a portion of her speech for our benefits and record.

She said, “ In the words of Benjamin Franklin, ‘by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail’. It is our responsibility to prepare a brighter future for the generations to come. Medical Laboratory Science can help build that better future for your friends, family, community and country. Be a hero and a role model for future generations. Be a hero in the medical laboratory and ‘Don’t just make a difference, Be the difference.”

Please join me in congratulating Ms. Dyanna Kaijie for her achievement and thank Ms. Maria Marfel, Chief, Medical Laboratory, Yap Memorial Hospital for her guiding help and support that has contributed to Ms. Kaijie’s success in these contests.

For your information Miss Dyanna Kaijie is a 4.0 PA senior at Yap High School and she is an upper bound student.

Let express our gratitude to the Pacific Island Health Offers Association (PIHOA) for funding all of the contests in the states and the regional contest in Hawaii to help the promotion of the Medical Laboratory profession.

Thank you Mr. Acting Speaker

Resource: Senator Jesse Raglmar’-Subolmar’s facebook page


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