On February 5, 2013, a public hearing of Y.A.P. (Yap Awareness Project Group) was held in Yap State Legislature concerning a petition submitted by Y.A.P. to the Legislature on November 28, 2012, requested the state leadership to be united in terms of ETG’s proposed investment (ref).  We have re-posted a facebook discussion/analysis of the public hearing here, also posted the video clips for the Legislative Counsel’s remarks before the end of the hearing.


Video Recordings

Check here for the video recordings of the public hearing: http://www.youtube.com/user/garbologistable?feature=watch


Audio Recordings

Download the audio recordings:  File1, File 2, File 3   (Thanks Mr. Clement Yow Mulalap for uploading the files. Please check here for the original post on facebook.)

Listen to the audio recordings online: Stream 1, Stream 2, Stream 3, Stream 4.

(Please note: Because of our space limit in Soundcloud, we have split the third audio file into two parts. No further edits was added. No voice was deleted or eliminated from the original recording.)



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