[Yap State News Brief] President Mori Issues Letter To YSL Speaker Falan Supporting ETG Development


Yap State News Brief/ Feb 5, 2013



In a letter issued to the Honorable Henry Falan, Speaker of the Yap State Legislature, President Emanuel Mori expressed his support of the ETG development in Yap State.

President Mori stated, “After the extensive discussions I recently had in Yap State about this ETG investment, I have concluded that it is in the best interest of Yap State and the FSM to allow ETG to continue with the implementation of this proposed tourism investment project given the positive reaction of ETG to substantially cut back on the scale of the investment.”

He further stated that, “Clearly, there are some peripheral issues which were brought to my attention from my meeting with the Concerned Citizens Group that are mainly due to the lack of understanding of the relevant issues and facts surrounding this proposed investment proposal.”

President Mori urged the Legislature to “work together with the Executive branch of the State of Yap and help enlighten our citizens so that they can be more appreciative of the need to develop our economy before the termination of the financial assistance of the Compact in 2023.”

A copy of the letter in its entirety may be read by visiting www.yapstategov.org/downloads/Mori-020413.pdf



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