[Yap State News Brief/February 1, 2013] New Officers At The Chamber Of Commerce

Resource: http://www.yapstategov.org/news.htm

Effective on Thursday, January 31st, 2013, the Yap Chamber of Commerce began operating under new executives on the Chamber’s Board of Directors, according to a report by the Chamber of Commerce.

The new executives are:

1.                    Katherine Gisog – President

2.                    Tom Fetan – Vice President

3.                    Jeff Adalbai – Secretary

4.                    Carmen Gurungin – Treasurer

The other Board members are:

1.                  Phillip T. Ranganbay

2.                  Alphonso Ganang

3.                  Paul J. Ayin

During the last annual general membership meeting, which took place toward the end of December 2012, Ms. Katherine Gisog, Mr. Jeff Adalbai, and Mr. Paul J. Ayin were elected in to replace outgoing members – Mrs. Berna Gorong, Mr. Dominic Gilfen, and Mr. Peter Garamfel.

During the first meeting of the new Board of Directors yesterday, the new officers were elected.  Also decided in the Board meeting were the representatives of the Chamber to YapCAP Board of Directors (Mr. Phillip T. Ranganbay) and FSM-ACC Board of Directors (Ms. Katherine Gisog, Mr. John W. Fillmed, and Sophiano Limol).

Resource: http://www.yapstategov.org/news.htm


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