Fal’ngin ngea Yalean Tafeadaed

Dear all,

Concerned Citizens Group has composed a sincere advice for all Yapese land owners. The file is downloadable in three versions: English, Thin ni Waab (old orthography), Thin ni Waab (new orthography). Here are the links:

English version: http://naturesway.fm/archives/etg/ccg/flyer/ver1_bw_en.pdf

Thin ni Waab (old orthography):  http://naturesway.fm/archives/etg/ccg/flyer/ver1_bw_waab_old.pdf

Thin ni Waab (new orthography): http://naturesway.fm/archives/etg/ccg/flyer/ver1_bw_waqab_new.pdf

In the document, Concerned Citizens Group has clearly explained who are are, what our proposition is in terms of development and tourism, what is the foreseeable economic future for Yap in 2023. No matter what stance you might take concerning ETG’s investment in Yap, we highly recommend you to read the document.

We deeply appreciate Nature’s Way for uploading those files.


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