The following texts are cited from a set of discussion threads on a facebook page, Yap’s Development, initiated by Mr. Dieter Kudler on November 6th, 2012. We re-post the entire discussion threads here (up to 7:30am on November 15th, Micronesia time). Quite an amount of friends have shared their concerns, thoughts or ideas regardless of the differentiated residences, ethnicities and positions. In fact, the variety of participants’ concerns has enriched the scope of the whole discussions, as long as the dialogue is conducted in a candid manner without being disrespectful to one another’s opinions. We appreciate all the participants who have shared their opinions on the facebook forum.

It is the third part of the whole discussion threads.

Source:  http://www.facebook.com/groups/404462399564440/permalink/508353445842001/


Veronica Pinnifen Libian Thank you Martina! It has been pointed out in this group and other group as well that people off island are in no position to know first hand what is going on on our island therefore are in no position to voice their opinion or have any contribution to the success of our island. I personally get offended because even though I maybe off island for purposes I have no control over I still have strong connection to my island through my parents and close friends and relatives. We do plan to come back to Yap 9 years from now when we retire so whether I’m on the island or not shouldn’t be relevant. I personally don’t want to come back to an unfamiliar home. I feel I have contributed to my island whether to announce it is another thing. Kammagar Martina …

November 10 at 4:26am

Rachel CutrerJohnson Wait a min….you’re off the island now…but plan to go back in 9 years and have a connection to the island via your parents, close friends, and relatives? That just pretty much qualified anyone you discredited to speak out. Am I just reading it wrong? If I am I’m sorry about that.

November 10 at 4:44am

Rachel CutrerJohnson there is an idiom that goes “The pot calling the kettle black”

November 10 at 5:11am

Veronica Pinnifen Libian Rachel, I think u misunderstood my comment or I could have stated it unclearly either way what I was trying to say is that living off island (like myself)shouldn’t be a reason to be judged in having an opinion on what is currently transpiring on Yap economically. Because I still have strong ties to Yap through my family as well as my plans to go back when I can should very much give me the right to be concerned or have an opinion and have the guts to voice it. Some people have stated that people off island do not know the struggles that’s happening on yap because I’m not physically present to experience it. To be clear I am not for ETG proposals but I am for economical developement in Yap and I think with all the information that has been discussed in here and other groups as well, we know we have other options other then ETG. I don’t know why you would relate that idiom to my comment … I don’t think I’m accusing someone of something I am guilty of.

November 10 at 5:51am

Dieter Kudler Siro, I was very busy the last few days and did not have time to follow up on my post – I will try to answer within the next few days – as I am on my way to a trade show to advertise out beautiful island, it will take some time.

November 10 at 6:26am

Jo Chumrad To those that felt offended by the comments of being off-island.. I am one of those that stated comments against those who are off Island.. HOWEVER, I was only referring to those who went off Island and look back and point out all the negatives about our Island… all the problems and etc, yet, they do not contribute one way or the other… It is one thing to only talk and another thing to state the problem and contribute one way or the other…. whether on Island or off-island… I apologizes if i have offended anyone….. I only believe that if each and everyone not only negatively state the problem but contribute 1% effort to improve our island, we will surely make the best out of it… in other words, not only talk but talk with action…. but again, I could be wrong…

November 10 at 6:59am · Like · 1

Jo Chumrad Dieter Kudler…. thank you for the advertisement of our beautiful island… please do keep in mind that beauty defers in each and everyone’s own eyes… it all depends on how one view’s beauty… and lastly, do keep in mind, that with ETG investment, when all is in place… what u call “beautiful Island” will no longer be a natural beauty but artificially beautified… …. but again, maybe that is what u view as beauty….

November 10 at 7:04am

Rachel CutrerJohnson Sorry Veronica that’s why I wasn’t sure. So sorry. I see it now. Please pass me beetlenut. Hahaha. Ok yeah I agree with you that even those off island have rights to opinion.

November 10 at 7:24am

Rachel CutrerJohnson But I understand why the people on Yap are saying that though to us. I always feel guilty everytime I look around and see what I have. But I know that happy is a state of mind. Just like being rich.

November 10 at 7:26am

Veronica Pinnifen Libian What contribution specifically are we referring to? To what degree of action has one contributed that has improved Yap’s economy that validates one’s right to judge one voicing an opinion? What is one to do to be a validation that an action has taken place? Isn’t Yap still economically challenged?

November 10 at 7:55am

Bernie Grong Jo Chumrad…I couldn’t have said it better. ” I only believe that if each and everyone not only negatively state the problem but contribute 1% effort to improve our island, we will surely make the best out of it… in other words, not only talk but talk with action…. ” I love that! I think enough talking..its time for action!!

November 10 at 8:18am

Source:  http://www.facebook.com/groups/404462399564440/permalink/508353445842001/


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