The following texts are cited from a set of discussion threads on a facebook page, Yap’s Development, initiated by Mr. Dieter Kudler on November 6th, 2012. We re-post the entire discussion threads here (up to 7:30am on November 15th, Micronesia time). Quite an amount of friends have shared their concerns, thoughts or ideas regardless of the differentiated residences, ethnicities and positions. In fact, the variety of participants’ concerns has enriched the scope of the whole discussions, as long as the dialogue is conducted in a candid manner without being disrespectful to each other’s opinions. We appreciate all the participants who have shared their opinions on the facebook forum.

It is the second part of the whole discussion threads.

Source:  http://www.facebook.com/groups/404462399564440/permalink/508353445842001/



Rachel CutrerJohnson I remember all the times I had to correct architects because their designs would not work. Sorry but every civil and structural engineer knows that architects design plans that constantly have to be re-designed. I remember when an architect brought in a drawing and I said ” there isn’t enough pipe room” …that’s just one example.

November 7 at 8:16am

Martina Gisog ‘a company bringing all needed infrastructure to our island and not only for their own benefit – new and more power plants, sewer systems, new airport and waste processing plants along with a daily air transportation for a reasonable price – just to name a few of the benefits ETG would bring with it. Such an opportunity comes around once in a lifetime.’

Mr. Kudler, for any investment as big as ETG’s dream project taken to almost anywhere, the investor has to help with the infrastructure. The number of people they are going to bring in will be 3X plus the population of Yap, so it’s not only fair for ETG to help in those areas but expected to in order for their project to work. Without their dream project, those areas are workable for Yap. Now, if ETG comes in with their dream project, where is that going to leave us Yapese and our little dreams? Do you think $3 an hour will be enough for us to live on, without our taro patches, place for gardening and fishing? ETG has touched the subject of displacing us Yapese so their project can move in, but the only thing I have seen is their offer to build housing, now what kind of housing, would it be free of charge, will there be rent? With so little information provided, I would be crazy to jump in bed with ETG. Land lease is another area that we need to be more educated on, if I lease my land to ETG (which is a developing company) and ETG sub-lease to someone else, and ETG done and gone, who will be paying me for the lease, certainly not the sub-leasee, they will paying ETG in China. Do I still have my land, really? Do you really think we will be better off with ETG? I don’t have any other investor to offer at this time, but I am not homeless and my children and I are not going hungry! So thank you, but NO thank you!

November 7 at 9:21am

Judy Falmed Yes Mr. Dieter, I am very much aware there are those who want to lease their land, providing they FULLY UNDERSTAND what they are getting themselves into with this project and thats why I agree with what Mr. Mulalap is asking from the ETG. AND good luck to them, may they be prosper by engaging with ETG. Based on what I have been reading and seeing there’s really nothing offer but only a DREAM, not to mention it looks like our government has signed into a dream. How can a government signed into something thats not concrete and finalized but a DREAM. And yes I am aware of what’s going on globally as you’ve mentioned above, I am also aware that it has been said “in the future there won’t be enough food to feed the world’s population from the produced food,” but until then Mr. Dieter I am glad for what I have now here in Yap and thats what I will fight for. I read and observed what’s going on around just as many others, so I am very aware. Yet I am a yapese who will fight for what I think is best for my homeland. I am an open minded person Mr. Dieter so don’t think me wrong. What I think is best for Yap I will vote for. Thank you

November 7 at 10:05am

Martina Gisog Mr. Dieter Kudler, with ETG in, and the world comes to food shortage, don’t you think we would be better off with just us and no plus from ETG? That’s right, we would still have our taro patched to grow taro for us and land to grow other things. If we let ETG in now, they will turn those into concrete structures and leave them as is when not making profits, then what? Do you think they will turn it back to what it was before leaving? I don’t think so!

November 7 at 10:16am

Judy Falmed Agree with you Ma’am, even yet do we really know if they will ever leave?

November 7 at 10:23am

Martina Gisog I know, I don’t know what it will take for them to leave?! Just like when TingHong and Kintex were there, on their free days they would walk into the villages of Rull and DB and just pick whatever is edible and it took some beating/throwing rocks at them to stop their picking. THEY DO NOT LISTEN NOR HAVE RESPECT FOR OTHER PEOPLE’S PROPERTY(S)! I DO NOT WANT THEM AS NEIGHBOR!

November 7 at 11:40am

Blessed Ruda Bottom Line—We’re all afraid of what we might lose and not appreciative of the things we might gain. With or without ETG we are still slowly losing the things we’re afraid of letting go—Day in day out we clock in clock out looking to make that money, flight in and flight out people come and go looking for leisure time–almost 20% of the population is leaving abroad and the remaining populations is living on imports…A lil snap back to reality…

November 7 at 12:25pm

Rachel CutrerJohnson Speaking of pipes and erosion….did you read the studies that was commissioned by Yap Government that stated even building a retaining wall wouldn’t work at stopping erosion? There was even evaluations done that ended up discouraging development work that is the equivalent of what ETG proposes. There was lectures and meetings that Governor Anafel not only requested but was also present at. It is very bold for one to sit in at these sessions and be presented with the cons……only to promote it further down the line. Yes, I agree with you about legalities needing to be put in place to protect the people and Yap Island. However, ETG has not shown or proven that it is capable of being trusted. Their inability to point out the “cons” sends red flags in the air. Gang Yang has spoken some which I am thankful for (some words are always better than no words) but ETG’s silence isn’t a good sign.

November 7 at 11:56pm

Collin Heise Blessed Ruda, how about being grateful for what we Have. And the people who left Yap, got an education, and chose to stay in the States or Guam. Well I wonder why they did not come back to help their own people of Yap? Not starting a fight, not insulting anyone, just curious.

November 8 at 2:34pm

Blessed Ruda Oh dont get me wrong brotha, im sure we’re all grateful and proud of what we have, but does it really end there??? Every day is a different day and western influence grows by the minute. We wont want THIS particularly but maybe THAT, all in all its still wants that will lead us to adapt with this ever changing world. Im just saying… those gratefully content with what they had and still have are those living in secluded tribes and in the deserts but then, how did we find out about them??? Outside influences of course..sooner or later these demands will reign upon them too. I maybe going off topic here but then my two cents.

November 8 at 6:25pm

Libuw Pongliyab Well Blessed, let me lighten the mood a little.

Raise your glass, because today I was having a conversation with an Ambassador and got an oral unofficial endorsement for one of the projects the youth is working on. This project should help the youth help the State. So when i come back, You and me and the rest of the able bodies will finalize the proposal and send it his way. Things are on the up and up, I think!

Have faith, brotha man!

November 8 at 6:32pm

Blessed Ruda There you go..You know where to find

November 8 at 6:35pm

Henry K.O. Norman Jo Chumrad: Recommended reading (reality check) about the ETG project, and what the PRC “promises”… http://goo.gl/Fl8YP

November 8 at 7:57pm

Martina Gisog Heise, I live on Guam and most of my kids grew up away from Yap, two of them are now back in Yap – We left Yap back in early 80’s due to relocation of my husband’s job, and we been away since. We were in Hawaii for over 6 years and moved to Guam in the early 90’s so we can work and be closer to home. We are still working here and for many years we been wanting to move back home, but our jobs keep us here, I don’t know how much I can contribute to help Yap if I move back, but I know for a fact that I do help my people (close relatives and not) from here, and I do care very much of my home island (Yap) that I don’t want to sell any of it to investor like ETG. Yes, I would very much like to see some investment taken place but not the ETG’s dream project where it will change Yap so much and in such little time that my people won’t be able to cope with. My bottom line here is, is it really necessary for us Yapese who live away from home to go back to Yap so we can help, or can we still help away from home? I am tired of those pointing fingers to us living away, I am doing everything I can to help – long distance. Thank you.

November 9 at 6:37am

Bernie Grong We do appreciate you Auntie Martina!!

November 9 at 5:59am

Bernie Grong Collin..I’m sorry I understand that you are curious but when you say something like, “Well I wonder why they did not come back to help their own people of Yap?” It makes me angry. I went out and pursued my education elsewhere. I didn’t come back at first…but I am here now. What makes you think that while I was away, I wasn’t helping my people? You don’t know my daily struggles or my contribution. In order to find out why people are leaving, we need to look at what they left first. What does Yap have to offer right now to the youth? Let alone the young adults.

November 9 at 6:08am

Martina Gisog Collin Heise, please don’t take me wrong, you just happened to be the last one who raised the question, and am probably having a bad day, anyway I do apologize.

November 9 at 6:37am

Clement Yow Mulalap Siro.

I don’t mean to distract group members from the current conversation in this thread, so please forgive me for doing so.

Mr. Kudler reposted this thread in the Yap State Youth Facebook page here:


I hope group members get a chance to read that version of the thread and perhaps participate in the thread’s discussions. Somewhat selfishly, I wish to note that I have made several comments in that thread, beginning at:


Those comments deal with whether the signed Agreement between ETG and the State of Yap contains the sort of “guarantees” for infrastructure and social program improvement that ETG and its supporters have insisted that ETG is obligated to carry out. Rather than copy all of those comments here, I will let you folks decide whether you want to head over to the Yap State Youth page and read them. I apologize again for the distraction.

On a related note, I wish to make a comment to Mr. Kudler. I have tried to restrict my comments and posts in this group to legal matters and not delve too deeply into technical development matters, in part because I think there are folks in this group who are more qualified than I am to discuss development matters, but I do want to say something development-related to Mr. Kudler.

Before I do so, however, I want to thank Mr. Kudler for starting this thread. I always appreciate constructive, thoughtful dialogue, especially in light of all the misunderstandings and misinformation surrounding ETG’s proposed Project in Yap and Yap’s development prospects in general.

Mr. Kudler, please do not characterize those who oppose ETG’s proposed Project in Yap as being “anti-development.” Just because someone opposes ETG’s proposed Project does not mean that that person is against economic development in Yap. For that matter, just because someone opposes wide-scale tourism-based development in Yap does not mean that that person is against economic development in Yap. Yap has options, Mr. Kudler, and I believe a number of other folks in this group have discussed those options because they DO support Yap’s economic development–it may not be the sort of development that ETG and you are advocating, Mr. Kudler, but it is still economic development.

Again, thank you very much, Mr. Kudler, for starting this thread and sharing your important observations with the group. My apologies for butting in.

Kam’magar, ma siro.

November 9 at 9:13am

Jo Chumrad Clement Yow Mulalap thank you!

November 9 at 7:26am

Su Yasui Hi Dieter, Mr. Yow’s commnet; “Mr. Kudler, please do not characterize those who oppose ETG’s proposed Project in Yap as being “anti-development.”, this is it! Your post felt kind of a “propaganda” that is spreading in Yap about CCG. Nobody saying stop any development but we are looking into suitable ones for the people of Yap. Please stop mislead the people for your sake!

November 9 at 8:54pm

Source:  http://www.facebook.com/groups/404462399564440/permalink/508353445842001/


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