SPC Works to Bring Basic Electricity to Reduce Poverty

Secratariat of the Pacific (SPC), 2012-06-06 (Source: www.fsmrd.fm)

The Republic of Palau, Federated States of Micronesia, and the Republic of Marshall Islands are targeting their energy sectors to increase access to basic electricity needs.

The North Pacific ACP Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Project (North REP) has been designed to provide access to affordable and reliable sources of energy that will improve the quality of life and reduce the dependency on fossil fuels, according to Mr. Rupeni Mario.

Mr. Mario is the Team Leader for the project, and works for the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) Economic Development Division based in Pohnpei, FSM.

The European Union (EU) is funding the project with combined allocations to the three countries that total EU$ 14.44 million.[1]

“Each of the countries identified energy as their priority and have chosen to pool their bilateral funds into a jointly implemented multi-country programme. It is special in that it addresses its primary objectives in a holistic and practical manner that tackles energy challenges with local solutions,” said Mr Mario.

“The project has focused not only on renewable energy and energy efficiency, but on an increased ability in each of the countries to promote, deliver and sustain energy programmes through capacity building, creating an enabling environnement, improved regulatory and legislative frameworks, and developing and strengthening national mechanisms to sustain these interventions,” he said.

“But the primary reason for the project is to help reduce poverty through the promotion of social development by increasing access to basic electricity, and to reduce dependency on fossil fuel through energy efficiency and increased use of proven renewable energy technologies.”

Implementation of the project has started with the Republic of the Marshall Islands to begin the installation of 1 500 stand-alone 200 W solar photovoltaic home systems in the country’s 14 outer atoll communities.

On the island of Kosrae, FSM, energy needs are adresse with provision of electricity to about 40 households, a school, and a health centre, while on Pohnpei a 725 kW hydropower station will be brought back online. Additionally, the country is procuring renewable energy equipment to provide electricity for communications, refrigeration and lighting to 15 schools and seven health facilities in the states of Chuuk and Yap.

In Palau, the country has embarked on an energy efficiency retrofitting of government buildings, development of an energy efficiency loan programme for retrofitting of residential and commercial buildings through its National Development Bank and the review/development of a renewable energy policy framework for its power utility.

For further information please contact Pacific Reach (George Rubine) on 679 327-0183

Secratariat of the Pacific (SPC), 2012-06-06 (Source: www.fsmrd.fm)

*Website Manager’s Note: We thank Mr. Henry Norman for compiling the information and providing the links to the original sources.

[1] As no “EU dollar” exists, the “EU$” referred to here should most likely be “€” (Euro)… (HN)


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