Pacific Environment Community (PEC) Fund

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In May of 2009 Pacific Islands Forum Leaders met with the Government of Japan at the 5th Pacific Island Leaders Meeting (PALM 5) in Hokkaido, Japan. At the PALM 5 Summit, Leaders issued the Islanders’ Hokkaido Declaration which reaffirmed Leaders’ commitment to collaborate and cooperate on a wide range of issues.

A significant part of the Declaration was the launch of the PEC Fund, under which Japan provided a ¥6.8billion (approximately US$66 million) contribution to Forum Island Countries (FIC) to tackle environmental issues. Each FIC is provided with an indicative allocation of USD$4million to support projects with a focus on the provision of solar power generation systems and sea water desalination plants or a combination of both.

Governance Structure

The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat manages and administers the PEC Fund in accordance with the agreed PEC Fund Guidelines and Project Procedures. The PEC Fund has an established governance structure comprising a Joint Committee, Project Management Unit and Technical Advisory Group whose roles are briefly described below:

  • The Joint Committee (JC) comprises senior representatives of the Government of Japan and the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat and is the decision making body for the PEC Fund. In undertaking its role, the JC provides oversight on the administration of the funds and approves detailed project proposals to be funded under the PEC Fund. The JC is chaired by the Secretary General of PIFS.
  • To support the JC, a PEC Fund Project Management Unit (PMU) has also been established at the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat tasked with administering and managing the PEC Fund. The PMU comprises of a Project Manager, Technical Officer and Programme Assistant.
  • An independent Technical Advisory Group (TAG) has been established, comprising of four technical experts specializing in the fields of climate change, renewable energy, water and sanitation. Composition of the TAG is based on the recommendations of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC), Pacific Power Association (PPA) and the Government of Japan. The TAG is tasked with undertaking technical assessments of all project concept notes and detailed project proposals and makes recommendations to the JC to assist in decision making.

Accessing the PEC Fund

Access to the PEC Fund is a country-led process. Each FIC refers to the PEC Fund Project Procedures to guide the development of their proposal submissions . The Project Procedures provides for a two phase process:

  • Phase 1: involves a FIC preparing and submitting a concept note to the Pacific Island Forum Secretariat. The concept note is then assessed by the PMU and TAG. If the concept note is approved, FICs are then invited to begin Phase 2.
  • Phase 2: involves a FIC preparing and submitting a more detailed project proposal based on the approved concept note. Once a detailed project proposal is submitted to the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, the PMU and TAG make their assessments and provide recommendations to the JC who make a final decision for funding.

If a detailed project proposal is approved by the JC, the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat then enters into a Financing Agreement with the recipient FIC to enable project implementation.

For more information on the PEC Fund please contact the PEC Project Management Unit on telephone (679) 3312600 or email info@forumsec.org.fj.

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