CLIMATE SECURITY – A holistic approach to climate change, security and development

Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 October 2012 05:50

Leaving home: Carteret Islanders are preparing to leave their island – photo credit: Ben Bohane, wakaphotos.com

A Chief from the Carteret atolls sits on a coconut stump that use to mark the shoreline – photo credit: Ben Bohane, wakaphotos.com

Rising seas and salinity are destroying many gardens – photo credit: Ben Bohane, wakaphotos.com


Pacific Institute of Public Policy/ Original Link

The Pacific Institute of Public Policy has today launched one of its periodic Discussion Starters, this time revisiting the climate change issue with a focus on the security implications for Pacific island nations.

As climate change begins to bite, Pacific governments are moving to think more deeply about how to integrate climate change into national security and other development policies. How is it affecting water and food security, energy security and international diplomacy?

This paper looks at concerns over the potential for loss of sovereignty, mass migration, military confrontation and the way climate aid-for-influence can have geopolitical consequences. It also frames the situation in the post-MDG (Millenium Development Goals) world that we are rapidly approaching.

Although the challenge ahead is confronting, this paper suggests the global interest in the post 2015-MDG development agenda presents an opportunity for our leaders to press our concerns more robustly on the international stage. It is apparent that future security issues will be driven by climate change, and it is these issues that will drive the development agenda in our region.

As the strategic importance of the region grows in a new era of superpower contest, Pacific nations are in a better position to make stronger demands in global forums to address the challenges and help provide global leadership.

Download the Discussion Starter here.

For more information contact us at pipp@pacificpolicy.org or +678 29 842.

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