Formal Information to all State Governors in FSM regarding SNLC



President Manny Mori sent a formal information document to all four Governors in the FSM on October 16 regarding the State and National Leadership Conference (SNLC) slated to take place on November 5-6, 2012.

President Mori said the conference will be held prior to the Development Partners Forum (Nov. 7-8) so that FSM could coordinate its “priorities to be articulated to our Development Partners on a roadmap for technical assistance in our priority sectors to achieve our Beyond 2023 objectives”.

A number of Development Parners have been invited to join the forum including the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and others. (Specific partners will be named when participation is confirmed.)

The Department of Resources and Development is the organizing office (secretariat) for the SNLC while the Office of SBOC is secretariat for the Development Partners Forum.

For questions, write markapito@gmail.com.


Ref: Less than a month before FSM sits down with Development Partners, President Mori holds urgent meetings as time ticks away



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