Yap State Resolution 8-29 (PDF file)

Quoted from Yap State News Brief (2012/3/8)

Resolution 8-29, which was adopted on January 26, 2012, was Legislature’s response to a January 19th meeting between the Government of the State of Yap and ETG in which the State Leadership “learned of an investment proposal offered by ETG…in the form of an investment agreement to be signed by the Governor of the State of Yap.”

The resolution further expressed the Legislature’s concern over the “magnitude” of the investment proposal which would potentially involve “millions of dollars and conceivably requiring vast areas of land throughout the State and would directly affect the lives and welfare of the people of Yap.”

To this end, the Legislature has “respectfully requested (the Governor) to defer signing an investment agreement proposed by the ETG until such time when the people of the State of Yap have been fully informed about the proposal…”


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