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September 26th, 2012, the Honorable Governor Sebastian L. Anefal made a public address on the Yap State Radio. Here are the soundtrack and its brief English translation.

Governor Anefal’s Address Regarding ETG Investment in Yap (09/26/12) by cc2001

Quoted from original link

“To my knowledge, this is (with the exception of a few comments during a public hearing at the Legislature) Governor Anefal’s first public address to the Yapese people about ETG’s proposed Project in Yap.

The address is in the mainland Yapese dialect. I apologize, but I am unable to provide a full English translation of the address. If I may, though, I would like to briefly summarize what I thought were key aspects of the address. Please do not take this summary as comprehensive. I welcome any additions/corrections/clarifications. I also encourage all of you to listen to the recording and draw your own conclusions, if you wish.

Kam’magar, ma siro.”



1) Governor Anefal’s Administration welcomed ETG’s investment possibility because of the financial shortfalls facing the State leading up to, and beyond, the termination of the Compact’s financial provisions in 2023; and because, in the decade or so since Yap State relaxed its foreign investment laws, very few foreign investors have expressed interest in investing significantly in Yap.

2) Governor Anefal’s Administration decided to sign the Investment Agreement with ETG because ETG needs to submit formal documentation of the State’s approval of ETG’s efforts to a lender in China, as well as to the Chinese National Government; and because the State wants to have some sort of control over ETG’s Project activities in Yap.

3) Governor Anefal admits that the initial plans floated by ETG for its Project–e.g., 10,000 hotel rooms, two golf courses, and so on–seem too expansive and unsuitable for Yap.

4) Governor Anefal reassures the public that even though the State has signed the Investment Agreement with ETG, ETG’s Project is not guaranteed to proceed, because the State will still need to approve a Master Plan from ETG.

5) Governor Anefal promises the Yapese public that if and when ETG submits a Master Plan to the State of Yap for its Project, Governor Anefal’s Administration will hire or otherwise seek the professional assistance of trained economists and analysts from related fields who will examine the Master Plan and assess whether the Master Plan is suitable for Yap, at least in terms of the Project’s economic viability as a lucrative source of revenue, income, and employment opportunities for Yap. Governor Anefal promises to seek such an assessment (or assessments) as part of his Administration’s extensive consultation process before a decision is made on whether to accept, modify, or reject ETG’s Master Plan.

6) Governor Anefal promises the Yapese public that if and when ETG submits a Master Plan to the State of Yap for its Project, his Administration will consult all branches of the Yap State government–including the Legislature, the Judiciary, and the Council of Pilung–as well as bring the Master Plan to the villages and other local communities for extensive consultation with the Yapese people.

7) Governor Anefal promises the Yapese public that it will be up to the Yap State Government and the Yapese people, pursuant to the aforementioned consultations, to determine whether to: 1) accept ETG’s Master Plan; 2) demand that the Master Plan be modified to be more suitable for Yap’s environment, culture, and other basic needs and interests; or 3) reject ETG’s Master Plan outright if they so wish.


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